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How I saved £67. 28 scrolls. 12 clicks. In. Just. 2. minutes.

I’ve been thinking a lot about saving my mental energy and using it more intentionally. Not too long ago, I started to notice how exhausted and annoyed I get after staring at my cell phone or mindlessly scrolling in the hopes of finding some novelty. Can you relate to this?

We’re all guilty of it. We’re all addicted to our phones at some level.

A study showed that 73% of people say they feel anxious when they misplace their phones. Brits and Americans spend on average 2 and half hours daily on their phones. That’s a lot of tapping, typing, swiping, scrolling and clicking.

Here’s how I saved money, scrolls and clicks

I realized that it took me 28 scrolls and 12 clicks to access a 7-minute workout on an app I had subscribed to. Did I like the app? Kinda. Did I use it? Kinda. Did I need it? Nop.

To simplify my life, I decided to delete the app and cancel my £67 yearly subscription. This also saved me 28 scrolls, 12 clicks, and at least 5 minutes of my precious time (spent choosing from the 50 million workout options).

Instead of thinking every morning about how or if I am going to workout, I chose to make my life easier - I will either run or go up and down the stairs of my house. Every. Single. Day.


I hope this inspires you to take a closer look at your digital habits. Perhaps you may even be able to pause the next time you feel your pocket buzz.

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