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Pleasure Principle

Raise your hand if you ever bought an item or did something just because it would *look good* on Instagram? I have. I have also been thinking about how many times a day I click onto something on this shiny little screen...and it's certainly more than 100 clicks per day. I have an app for everything. •One to track my food intake. •meditate. •bank account. •Text my family. •Exercise. •Run. •Edit pictures. And many more. As much as I having access to things that make life easier, organized and beautiful, I also find that so much *clicking* completely drains my mental energy. This leads to my question: A) Are we using technology to improve our lives and help us make a meaningful contribution to our community. Or B.) Is technology holding us hostage? ⚠️ A or B? #letsdosomethinking #minimalism #technology #instagramable #onsecondthoughts #katichambers

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Apr 10, 2021


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