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My secret little shop

CHILD: Mommy, I’m cold… and hungry.

SALES PERSON: Honey, mommy needs to finish work. It’s not tea time yet. Go look for your jumper, ok.

Ding Dong

SALES PERSON: Oh, hello darling! Welcome to your secret little shop. How can I help you today?

CUSTOMER : Mmm, I’m not sure. I’m just browsing.

SALES PERSON: Don’t be shy and please make yourself comfortable. Here is a catalogue with our best-selling subjects. You can sit here in this private room, have some coffee or tea. Take your time, darling.

CUSTOMER : Thank you.

SALES PERSON: I will close the curtains so that you don’t get disturbed.

CUSTOMER : Oh, no need for that. I already know what I want. Subject number 63N2.

SALES PERSON: Marvelous. Did you know you can personalise it too?

CUSTOMER : What do you mean?

SALES PERSON: You can choose different skin colours, the shape of the jaw, eye colour, type of hair, and… oh this is so exciting… and you can also choose the type of mindset you would like your subject to have, say more artistic, more rational, good with numbers, good with people, it's entirely up to you. You're the boss.

CUSTOMER : Wow, it’s hard then. I’m just looking for a companion really… you know… someone to go to the movies with me, and, in the best case scenario, to discuss the movies with me.

SALES PERSON: Well, then you’re in for a treat, my darling. Leave it with me. I’ll set it up for you in no time.

CUSTOMER: Fascinating.

SALES PERSON: Done. Would you like to personalise the name of subject 63N2 as well?

CUSTOMER: mmm not now, if that’s ok.

SALES PERSON: That’s perfectly fine. Subject 63N2 will be delivered to your house tomorrow morning. You can test it for 7 days and should you not be happy with what you’ve got, by all means, send it back to us.

I doubt that this will happen, in 10 years we’ve had only 2 subjects returned. Our customers are very satisfied, I must say.


SALES PERSON: You’ve got yourself a very handsome and interesting subject. You have an incredibly good taste. How would you prefer to pay? You can pay it in up to 10 interest-free installments, how does that sound?

CUSTOMER: That’s fine.


SALES PERSON: Transaction accepted. Wonderful. Here’s your receipt. And here’s our number in case you need assistance. It was an absolute pleasure to meet you. You take care, darling, bye, bye for now.

CUSTOMER: Bye, thank you.

Ding Dong

SALES PERSON: Athena, call the office.

ATHENA: Calling office.

OFFICE: Secret little shop, how can I help?

SALES PERSON: Oh, hello. I just sold subject 63N2. Could you please deliver it to the address on the system?

OFFICE: Sorry ma’am. Subject 63N2 is not in our system.

SALES PERSON: What do you mean? This can’t be possible. Look again, please.

OFFICE: I’m afraid it’s not.

SALES PERSON: You must be joking. Well, how about subject 63N1, is it available?

OFFICE: Yes, subject 63N1 is indeed available, but it’s an old generation. It resembles subject 63N2, but it’s a bit slower.

SALES PERSON: Oh well, what can we do. Send subject 63N1 then. I doubt she will notice any problem.

OFFICE: Subject 63N1 can drive, cook, read and speak in 3 different languages and he is a good learner.

SALES PERSON: Do you think he could talk about movies?

OFFICE: Sorry, the line is breaking up.

SALES PERSON: Anyway, it should be delivered tomorrow morning.

OFFICE: Roger that.

SALES PERSON: Thanks, darling. Bye, bye.

CHILD: Mommy, mommy, can we go home now? I’m cold and I’m hungry.

SALES PERSON: Just a few more minutes, darling. Mommy is almost ready. We’ll go soon.

CHILD: It 's ok. Hugo said he can make me a sandwich.

SALES PERSON: Hugo? Who is Hugo, darling? Are you imagining things again?

Ding Dong

SALES PERSON: Oh, hello, darling! Welcome to your little secret store. How can I help you today? Don’t be shy and please make yourself comfortable. Here is a catalogue with our best-selling subjects. You can sit here in this private room, have some coffee or tea. Take your time, darling.

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