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The Power Of Boredom

Confession time: I can’t remember the last time I was bored. Can you?

Even when I have to wait in line, I will read a book, check my phone or post a picture on Instagram. Never bored. (I’m currently spending some time away from Instagram and haven’t been taking pictures or scrolling as much. Loving it).

Most people struggle to unplug, though. Some experts blame it on Social Media. But I don’t want to villainize it, because, in moderation, it can be quite fun and purposeful.

However, some of us may feel that if we are not sharing (how well we are spending our free time or how productive we can be), then our experience lacks value. Or worse - it doesn’t exit at all. “I post, therefore I am”.

Constant connectivity and productivity is draining. We are obsessed with performing and living an “optimal life”. We brag about how busy we are, because it makes us feel more interesting. We live in a society that fetishes high performance. Research shows that, even when people book a vacation, they spend some time working.

In the opposite direction, an essay from Harvard Business Review shows that boredom is actually good for you - for the creative you.

Perhaps, you can get some inspiration from Archimedes' legendary “Eureka!” moment. He made a remarkable discovery while taking a bath, AKA Archimedes and the Golden Crown.

It’s quite an exercise to just sit with the present moment, and allow ourselves to feel bored sometimes.

Here’s to unplugging and to the power of boredom!

The Power of Boredom

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I love your point of view, the language you use to describe it and also the references.

Kati chambers
Kati chambers
May 06, 2021
Replying to

Thank you, my dear friend.

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